Affilorama Review

affiliate marketing trainingAffilorama is an online marketing course consisting of video training tutorials and was established in 2005 by Mark Ling, the same man responsible for the highly successful Rocket Piano and Jamorama.

The goal of Affilorama is to offer a complete step by step course for beginners while offering advanced marketers new strategies to further enhance their position. There are several options and we’ll take a look at each one.

The Free Membership

The best way to start your affiliate marketing training is to take advantage of the free membership. That’s right, it’s free with no strings attached. You get more than 20 hours of video training which includes interviews with successful marketers, and you will also learn how affiliate marketing works, what SEO is, Pay Per Click, creating a website and more. In short you’ll learn how a typical affiliate marketing program is set up.

With free membership you get 100 plus training videos, access to the forum and some tools, but they’re just enough to get you started. To get the meat of the program you may want to take advantage of the Premium Membership.

Premium Membership

The premium membership costs $67 a month, which isn’t that much, but you can take the 30 day trial for just $1 and this will give you an idea of what you’ll get with full time membership. This includes 100 plus training videos, complete access to the forums and a complete set of marketing tools.

In addition you will also receive a separate set of advanced training videos not available in the free membership, and if you’re serious about marketing these will really come in handy. In addition members also receive intensive product creation training, the blog boot camp training and free hosting for up to 15 domains, a feature you don’t get in other systems. Last but not the least you also get 30 PLR articles.

What really makes this attractive is the depth of information provided, as most of these are not available anywhere on the Internet. The $1 30-day trial offer is really nice and the monthly fee is very reasonable considering the stuff you’re going to get. While free membership offers good information, Premium is superior.


If you want to know how to make money with affiliate marketing, you’ll need to know the fundamentals of making a good website, and AffiloTheme will help. This accessory shows you how to get the most out of your WordPress site, and you can also use squeeze pages, templates, a header creator, pop over generators and affiliate link cloaking among others.

Marketers will tell you that anyone can build a website but it takes effort to create a website that users will go to and you can profit from. With that in mind, the AffiloTheme should come in handy.


The AffiloBlueprint is made up of a vast collection of video tutorials. These videos total hundreds of hours and cover every important aspect of Internet marketing. You don’t have to watch the videos in any particular order, so you can choose which topic to view such as writing articles, how to build a website, how to improve your site rank, get people to interact with your website and so on.

Many of the topics here expound on what is covered in the Premium Membership, and the videos also explain how Mark Ling was able to build his affiliate website from the ground up. Complete instructions are provided so if you want to create a website from scratch like Mark did, all the details are here.

The videos are not just all talk, however as there are lessons in each one complete with tasks you can work on. The instructions are clear and in a step by step manner, plus these lessons go a long way towards improving your skill set and approach to marketing. If there was ever such a thing as added value this is it.


If you don’t have the time to go through all the free affiliate marketing training and the other modules in Premium Membership, the Jetpack package offers a solution, as you’ll be able to start making money without exerting as much effort. Basically the Jetpack will do the brunt of the work for you. You still need to do some work, but many of the tasks will be automated so it’s very convenient and allows you to focus on other things.

If you want to succeed in marketing, you must know how it works, how websites get ranked, how site promotions work and so on. However there are instances when it’s better to have things done automatically for you, or perhaps you’re already an advanced marketer and want to maximize your profit and time. In this case your best option is the Jetpack package as it delivers everything you need and at a price you can afford. AffiloJetpack is limited to when they are accepting new members. The best thing to do would be to go to their page and enter your email to be notified when it opens.

Where to Buy

All the packages are available on the official website and once there you’ll be able to purchase them easily. Remember there’s a free membership you can get if it’s your first time and just want to check if this is right for you.

What you need to keep in mind is that this program is only available on the official website.

Check their website for current prices.

Conclusion – Affilorama Review

There are thousands of websites which claim to offer the best affiliate marketing training, but most of them fail to deliver. Affilorama is an exception to the rule as it has a high success rate and the methods are based on solid and proven principles. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced marketer, we recommend Affilorama without reservation.