What is an RSS feed?  People don’t always agree about what the letters stand for.  Really Simple Syndication is how some people refer to it.  That describes what it is to a certain extent.

Basically, it allows website publishers and bloggers to reach their followers quickly and easily.  You might think of it as an up-to-the-minute newsletter.

Depending on the website, the information may be updated weekly, daily or more than once a day.  In a few cases, updates are made on a monthly basis or just when something interesting happens.  Most companies would choose to use an emailed newsletter for infrequent updates like that.

Celebrity news is one of the popular uses for Really Simple Syndication.  There is always plenty to talk about in the celebrity world.

In order to read the feed, you need RSS reader software.  It can be downloaded on to your desktop or laptop.  You can use the web-based versions.  Or you can get an application for your mobile phone.

The logo used for the application is an orange square with a dot and two arcs.  It is meant to resemble radio waves.

Radio shows were the first type of broadcast syndications that did not consist of material printed on paper.  Eventually, there were syndicated television programs.  Now we have syndicated web casts.

The simplest way to share the latest info is through RSS feeds if you are a website publisher.  If you are a web-user, the best way to stay up-to-date with your favorite blogs or websites is to sign up for their feed.

The feed may be designed to provide full content or summaries.  In most cases, the information is shared in a text format.  A few websites send out videos or photos. Signing up for the webcast is usually a simple matter of clicking on the logo.

If you are a website publisher and you would like to make RSS feeds on your site, there is software available that makes it easy to do.  The rss reader software is typically used for building websites for e-commerce, blogging or affiliate marketing.

Files can be shared in this manner, too.  This is sometimes referred to as broad-catching.  Your clients sign up to receive notifications when you have new files available for download.  They are usually bit-torrent files.  Bit torrent applications are a little more difficult to implement.

What is an RSS feed?  Simply put, it is the latest news about whatever you might be interested in.